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About Arquitectos

“A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight.” - Robertson Davies

We at Arquitectos, put in our remarkable teamwork, aesthetic sense and practicality to any project we take up on. We have a team of creative individuals having specialized skills on various design fronts who collectively handle each project and deliver it to utmost perfection.


The artist is a collector of things imaginary or real. He accumulates things with the same enthusiasm that a little boy stuffs his pockets. The scrap heap and the museum are embraced with equal curiosity. He takes snapshots, makes notes and records impressions on tablecloths or newspapers, on backs of envelopes or matchbooks. Why one thing and not another is part of the mystery, but he is omnivorous


Design is a means toward accomplishing the end goals of serving markets and generating profits. Furthermore, design is an element in social responsibility. Good design allows “form to complement performance.” The way things look is not irrelevant to the way things work: how they work is how they should look

Our Services

Apart from having our roots deep in Architecture and Design, we have mastered our skills in parallel supportive skills that include the following services.

  • Architectural And Interior 3d Rendering
  • Corporate Presentation
  • 3d Walkthrough
  • Architectural Executions
  • Brand Identity Development & Design
  • Graphic Designing
  • Printing And Production
  • Web Designing
  • Stereoscopic And Isometric 3d Visuals
  • 360 Virtual Tour
  • Campaign Designing
  • Brand Identity

Architecture and Planning


Landscape Designing



Architectural Executions


Commercial & Retail Design


Architectural 3D Rendering

Interior 3D Rendering



3D Visuals

Virtual Tour


Printing & Producation


Why do you choose Arquitectos ?

We are accomplished and result oriented professionals with over 8 years of impressive experience in architectural & interior designing, possessing allied proficiency in executing several turnkey projects and proffering interior designing solutions for some of the reputed institutes in the region. We are seeking a strategic position as a dynamic organization where twin benefits of architectural and project management skills may be utilized for organizational growth.

As apparent from our reputation, we have an excellent record of leading major projects, along with a thorough grasp of architectural and structural design. Our extensive exposure as Interior Designers & Architects for reputed ventures gives us a definite edge over the peers.

Our qualities as a professional have so impressed our clients, that we have often been allotted multifaceted projects. What deserves to be highlighted is that, we have also displayed exceptional proficiency in preparing project plans, analyzing problems, anticipating project needs and designing innovative cost saving initiatives.

What needs a speci al mention is that, we possess widespread experience in providing interior designing solutions and have gained expertise in space planning, layout and utilization of furnishings, equipment and color coordination. Furthermost, we have displayed proficiency in directing all aspects of interior designing projects right from development of design proposals to installation of furniture and accessories.

We have continually striven to enhance our skill sets in the process establishing a renowned institute in the region. We have played an instrumental role in customer relations and providing excellent customer service to the existing clients.

Our key skills include project management, graphic designing, brand identity, project handling aspects, architectural styles, project designs, architectural designs, developing drawings, contract management, troubleshooting design problems, budgeting and forecasting.

We have utilized our strong analytic thinking, negotiation skills and creative problem solving capabilities in shaping challenges into concrete achievements and sustainable growth.

Moreover, our attention to detail, ability to work under pressure, result orientation and creativity backed by strong analytic & communication skills has further enabled us to achieve great results and remarkable achievements that stand as architectural or interior landmarks.

We believe our commitment to excellence, experience of working in diverse environments and success in major projects give us a unique and informed perspective from which we can contribute significant value to the strategic decision making process and make us valuable team players.

We thank you for having a look at our works and achievements through this design folio and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.







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